What NOT to write in your friend’s wedding guestbook

1st February 2020

When it is your friend’s wedding day, they are so busy with all the celebrations, it can be difficult to catch up with them one-on-one. But if they have a guestbook, this is the perfect opportunity to leave them a heartfelt and special message. They will be able to look back on this for years to come and remember it more than they would in a conversation.

But let’s be honest; you have probably had a few drinks at the reception and you may think it is funny to leave a unique and hilarious message for the bride and groom to read later on. be careful what you write…you may regret this in the morning.

Here are some messages you should NOT write in your friend’s wedding guestbook to make sure they have a fantastic day and you do not embarrass yourself!

Jokes about divorce

Sometimes, it is funny to make jokes about how much your partner annoys you. But these types of jokes are best reserved for face-to-face interactions when you can read the reactions of your audience. One place these jokes should not go is into the guestbook. 

The truth is, the couple may be together forever. But divorce rates are rising and your joke might not age well. It is best to stick to congratulation messages for now. You can tell the happy bride and groom that you are so happy for them and you enjoyed being part of their big day. This is going to be appreciated in years to come even if they do end up splitting up. So, stay clear of risky jokes!

That you are going to book the same venue

You may love where your friend or family member is hosting their wedding. Perhaps it is a beautiful and traditional castle, or a lovely spot on the sandy beach. But, we are pretty sure your loved one does not want you to have the same wedding as them! Of course, you can feel free to leave a good message in their address book about how much you loved their special day. But telling them you are considering the venue is not a great idea.

You can still take inspiration from their wedding in other ways. Perhaps you liked their bold lighting and can look for alternatives. For example, check out the Love Letters for a bold, uplifting addition to your wedding venue.

Secrets about the couple

If you are good friends with the bride or groom, you probably know some secrets about them that nobody else knows. But you have to remember that some will not be appropriate to share on a wedding day and that there is a time or place. It may upset their new husband or wife or other people may be able to read it in the guest book. If you really want to bring up the secret, speak to your friend privately. You can share an insider joke or reminisce about the past in a way you two can enjoy; you do not need an audience!

wedding couple unhappy

They have spent too much money

Some people like an extravagant wedding, one they have always dreamed of. Chances are, it might not be to your taste. But it is important to remember that everyone is different. Some people like to spend thousands, while others prefer a traditional and small ceremony. Telling the bride and groom on your guestbook your opinion does not make anyone feel good. Stick to being positive on their guestbook. For example, leave a nice comment about how you had fun with the garden games they had or how the dinner was lovely. Make them feel good!

wedding photographer

You didn’t like the Photographer

Taking photos is essential at any wedding. Of course, a lot of brides and grooms go for the professional photographer. You may not like the style of photos they take or even how often they come around to take your photo. Either way, it is best to learn from the situation for your wedding and not tell them about it in the guestbook. 

Instead, you could go for the Taxi Photo Booth so that guests can take their own fun photos. It is always a fantastic piece to add to your special day. It has all the equipment that a professional photographer does but you can feel more in control and relaxed.

Asking when they are having children

Once you are married, everyone is always asking when you are having a child. But not everyone wants to have children. Asking this question is sometimes the elephant in the room. It is best to avoid asking the married couple when they are having children when they have just got married. That is a conversation for later on!